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Ramesh Kumar
Gurgaon, Haryana

Ramesh struggled as a child growing up in a poor household. He always dreamt of doing something on his own to be able to look after his family and give his children good education. He worked as a helper for a truck driver for a few years before he decided to try his hand at driving Cargo Three-Wheeler to have a better income. He was able to realise his dream of owning a Three-Wheeler by securing a hassle-free loan from JBFC. He is very happy with his new occupation and is planning to buy another Three-Wheeler for his brother in a couple of years time.
Sanjay Jha
Gaya, Bihar
Harvinder is a canter driver and owns a small dairy business. He wanted to purchase a nearby shop which was being sold at a very nominal price that can be let out on rent to provide him with additional income. To buy this shop he wanted to avail a loan facility and was denied from multiple places because of his cash earnings. He approached Ummeed through one of Ummeed’s Loan officer and within 10 business days he was provided with a Rs 10 Lacs loan for shop purchase.
Kulwant Singh
Ludhiana, Punjab
Having grown up in poverty, Kulwant is a hardworking man and believes in looking ahead in life. Be it from the time he decided to quit his daily wage job working in the farm or the time when he realised that he could only secure his future by working for himself. It was then that he approached JBFC with an application for a loan to buy a Passenger Three-Wheeler, which was pre-approved within 45 minutes and the loan sanctioned within 10 days. He is now proud to be his own boss and earns a decent living.
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