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Purchase of a New Home

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Purchase of New Plot

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Constructing a home on an already owned plot

Why should you go with JBFC Home Loans?

Owning a house is everyone's dream, and with JBFC Home Loans' backing, it may become a reality.

  • We offer loans to customers of various income levels, including those who earn cash.

  • JBFC Finance is a market leader in offering housing loans to those with low-incomes in India.

  • We provide a wide range of services, including housing finance solutions for property purchases, plot purchases and self-construction, self-construction, refinancing, and enhancements.

  • JBFC Finance has progressed beyond the documentation-based underwriting model. With JBFC Finance, you may be free of the burden of income documentation.

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Home extension to add a room, build extra space or add an additional floor to your already existing property

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Loan transfer

  • Purpose
    This loan may be used for any of the following purposes: Purchase of a new or used home or apartment Purchase of a new site as well as self-construction of a residence Building a house on a previously owned property Add a room, create more space, or add a floor to your current home with a home extension. Loan consolidation
  • Eligibility Criteria
    The requirements that you must follow when applying for a house/housing loan are known as home loan eligibility criteria. You may use the JBFC Finance Eligibility Calculator to determine your affordability before applying for a house loan. At the time of loan maturity, the customer must be over the age of 21 but not over the age of 65. The borrower must have a bank account. Borrower must live in a city where JBFC's Office is located. A guarantor is not required. Any owners of the property being financed, as well as all persons whose income has been evaluated for the loan, must be co-applicants.
  • Documents Required
    To get started, JBFC requires the normal KYC papers as well as completely completed application forms. Completed application form with all essential information. Identity documents such as a Pan Card, Voters ID Card, or Passport are acceptable forms of identification. Address evidence, such as a utility bill or ration card Documents proving income, if available. Bank statements or a bank pass book Property documentation, if the property has been identified.
  • Maximum Repayment Period
    JBFC offers a maximum home loan duration of 20 years. The longer the loan term, the cheaper the EMI, making a 15-20 year loan quite appealing. However, it is better to take out a loan for the shortest possible period of time. The interest outgo on a long-term debt is too expensive.
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