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Thank you for showing your valuable interest in our website and I'm sure as you will surf more, you will discover why Contypark Finance Corporation Limited (operating under the brand name 'JBFC') has been an emerging leader in the non-banking finance industry for over an year now. While I sit down to pen a report of the work that we do, it gives me immense pleasure

to share the success our deft team of professionals have brought to the company. 

At JBFC, it's our constant endeavor and effort to care for the 'Forgotten Man' at the 'Bottom of the Economic Pyramid'. When we see our customers turning their dreams into reality and walking even further in a world of formal profession, that's where our purpose meets its zenith. The past year was a difficult one, especially when COVID-19 cast a pall of gloom all around. But given the agility of our team, we started caring more about our customers and ensured to overcome every constraint with even more strength. 


Our company has been building on 'six' strategically designed and well-placed pillars which each one of us has to conform to while dealing with our customers - Innovation, Growth, Novelty, Integrity, Teamwork, and Empathy. It's our constant intent to always think outside of the box in order to provide the best-in-class and a highly customizable range of finance products which ensures perpetual growth of our customers and our company. We ensure to be original at all steps and that's how we have been claiming the trust of our customers - by being integral, honest, and truthful. Lastly, our team has been specifically trained to be immensely sensitive and extra-caring to our customers, trying to fit in their shoes always. 

In conclusion, I want to humbly thank our customers for putting in their trust and confidence in us, our Board of Directors for their guidance, management team for the excellent work they have been doing, our shareholders, and so on. While we ensure to be highly caring, we continue fulfilling the expectations of our customers at all turns of our relationship.

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